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Happy morning  friends,

Myself Prabhjot Singh Sood, relationship coach and co-founder Eagles learning from India. Today I would like to share, why and how I created my first signature workshop “CREST”;
Customer Retention Engagement and Selling Techniques to become captivating and engaging smart professional. The acronym “CREST” is inspired from the majestic flight of Eagle and signify many elements; courage to look ahead, a desire to be successful in one’s pursuits, reach honourably to the top, divine connection, strength and truthful principles.

The day I started my career in the year 1996, with luxury automobile retail; my two secrets have always been;

A)    Women shop and Men buy for different reasons. They have to be engaged and treated the way God has created them.
B)    Customer engagement mantra; never ever sell a product, always create owner of the same. 

I always approached, probed and explained benefits, differently to women, men, elders, and youngsters. This helped me in engaging all family members, increase their time spends, and establish trust in myself. Even if someone was using a competitor's product, they would get favourably inclined to buy from me. 

When people buy luxury products; sedan, SUV, electronics, white goods, cosmetics and apparel; I enjoy observing, kind of information sought, discussions and expectations of the shoppers. I am glad, our team did many surveys (administered questionnaires), TNI, mystery shopping and audit to learn more about buying behaviour. 

Pilot-testing of CREST workshop and validation has been done at Honda, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Ford, Skoda, Shoppers Stop, Decathlon, Panasonic, HDFC, Sundram Group and retailers for jewelry, antique replica and collectibles.
Why this Workshop?

CEO and Marketing department do immense research for all aspects to conceptualise a product/service & thoughtfully design all campaigns, however;

A)    Companies struggle to maintain initial euphoria after launch. Quality of prospects and conversion rate of leads reduces drastically.
B)    Attrition remains high in the sales team, especially amongst high performing women.
C)    Retaining loyal customer becomes an issue during slow down especially when market matures or predatory pricing by competitor.
D)  Online retailer and social media marketer face challenge in creating engaging description & better photography which catapult people to take action and commit.

Workshop key takeaways; participants will learn

A)  Interpret how buyer and influencer comprehend the communication & empower themselves to overcome these barriers. They also get sensitized about their gender stereotype perceptions.
B)    Improve technique of explaining & giving demo of product/service to induce favourable action towards your offering.
C)    Learn with fun, how to engage, encourage communication from prospect, influencers and respond appropriately. Create action plan and demonstrate ways to implement the learning’s.

Thanks, friends. Hope you enjoyed the video.
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God bless us all with abundance of prosperity, good health and happiness in relations.

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