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Following are the top eight benefits of business simulations and experiential learning activities;

1)    Activities are immersive and have a dramatic impact on participant's mindset; the retention rate of learning is more than 50%, even after three month, thereby giving exceptional ROI.
2)    Cultivate and nurture the desired vibrations for golden behaviors of success; concentration, perseverance, trust in leadership and leaders’ trust in teams.
3)    Happily engaged workforce; collaborating by sharing best practices, ideas, and resources.
4)    Abundance and multidimensional thinking mindset leading to superior decision making. Energized and fun with learning, review meetings.
5)    Individual and group, actively reflect and contemplate on their behaviour. Ownership of outcome is high because the focus is on teamwork, thereby accelerating the learning process.
6)    It provides a safe environment and first-hand experience of practicing, what participants have learned.
7)    Prioritize, what's working & what's not. Identify and groom potential leaders, high on skills of teamwork and emotional quotient.
8)    It gives accurate assessment results and a better correlation with the psychometric test. Behaviour at the workplace and in personal life can be predicted with higher accuracy, thereby avoiding misfit in hiring and promotion.

Eligibility Criterion: Seasoned and matured professionals with a minimum of four years of work experience. All participants are selected carefully after the personal interview; clearly exhibiting focus in their life and with a strong desire to grow and leave their signature imprint

Limited, select nomination workshop event; carefully chosen 15 handpicked participants per session

Target Segment: CEO, Vice President, Director, Head HR, Business Owners, Transition Entrepreneurs, Managers, Team Leaders, First-time supervisor, Trainers, Experiential Learning Activity Facilitator, Family owned business person, e-Commerce online sellers, Public speaker, professionals having public dealing.

Performance Promise Guarantee else Money Back: Refund if desired and expected results are not generated within 40 days of practicing and implementing the learning’s after realistic planning of strategy at workplace

Workshop Duration: 2 Day+ additional 1 Day (Optional)

Rs 19,990/- + GST (Rupees Nineteen Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety + 18% GST) for two days

Offer-Upgrade for signature Workshop "CART" as well: Stand alone workshop costing Rs 13,999/- + GST at a special price by paying additional 8999/- + GST, For details of CART workshop Click

Location: Delhi/ NCR, Premium Venue-Hotel/Resort

Date:  To be announced

Highly Recommended: Avail accommodation of stay only option, at nominal additional charges of approximately Rs1600/- per person/per night on twin/triple sharing basis as per hotel norms. Amount to be paid in advance at the time of booking, directly to the hotel.

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Key Take Away from "EAGLE", a Signature Workshop

This workshop will separate & create a distinction between seasoned Women-Men and Girls-Boys and empower you to earn respect amongst your audience and team. We will use DBL methodology-discovery based learning, combined with experts opinion to discuss and derive the following;

Basic Essentials--MUST DO
1)    Why Audience Engagement, its importance
2)    Appreciate, understand gender differences/strengths & leverage the same
3)    What will happen if we do not involve and engage the audience?
4)    Expectation mapping of client principle & audience/team
5)    Assertive communication
6)    Context & objectives setting during meeting & workshop session
7)    Gentle & Fun techniques to recap learning & reinforce key points
8)    How to use the following, elucidate response, capture observations and Debrief
          a)    Relevant story-telling
          b)    Relevant videos
          c)    Relevant case Study
          d)    Relevant humor, Quotes, Images
          e)    Incidents & experiences
          f)    Best practices of other participants
9)    Communicating purpose of meeting/training agenda
10)    Navigate situations like a pro, what to do when we need time to respond
11)    Self Preparation & Planning
12)    Recover lost ground due to unforeseen circumstances
13)    Power of networking with participants, being genuinely interested in their growth
14)    Leverage relations & informal networks to steer and influence towards a goal
15)  Secrets of informal feedback from participants and work on your areas of improvement
16)    Feedback as inputs for the next workshop
17)    How to administer feedback questionnaire and elucidate best relevant feedback
18)    Personal Action Plan by participants, build desired seriousness
19)    Feedback to senior management and client principle about what went well
20)    Use electronic presentation aids like a professional
21)    Voice modulation, secrets of infusing enthusiasm among-st backbenches as well
Initiating Workshop/Meeting 
22)    Administer test, Pre-Post test evaluation
23)   Techniques which build a sense of urgency & induce favourable inclination towards action
24)    The last-minute change of agenda/audience. Prepared for the unexpected
25)    Create & record MOM-Minutes of Meeting
26)    How to create a video testimonial
27)    Correct use of images & videos on social media
28)    What is Business Simulation?
29)    Essential basics: Group formation norms
30)    Energizer & icebreaker, instructions & debrief

Back End Preparation and Planning
31)    PTR: Post Training Reports, Interpretation, presentation, linked sheets
32)    Training event photographs. How to share on social media digital
33)    How to name & tag (Meta tags)
34)    Group Role-plays, Peer feedback & learning
35)    How to give group Feedback of best behaviors/practices to reinforce learning
36)    Giving feedback for areas of improvement (Wear Velvet Glove on iron fist)
37)    Self-preparation and facilitation mode
38)    Generating curiosity & enquirers
30)    Profile analysis of audience/individual
40)    Decide the target audience, Plan to reach out to them, Relationship building
41)    Sample as free training
42)    How to give valuation to your time & get paid for your services
43)    Role of the subconscious mind
44)    Essential basic hygiene of self, ambiance & other aids
45)    How to get repeat orders?
46)    Context setting, how to give your introduction & build credibility with the audience
47)    Volume V/S Niche segment player
48)    Price negotiation with Client
49)    Cultivate resources within the client system to realise your payment
50)   Increase your per day billable amount Create Learning Delivery plan; Design Document..... we shall uncover and discover many more secrets

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