Untold Secrets: Signature Workshop "CART"©

Time tested proven growth hack strategies for assured 10X increase in your CART Index on Social Media Digital World.  Get Recognition as pro in your field.

Learn to Establish and Brand Yourself; Move beyond to build and enhance your Credibility, Authority, Reliability and Trust Factor Index to create your desired perception and influence people.

© Author asserts all rights as copyright owner and creator of this original workshop

Eligibility Criterion: Seasoned and matured professionals. All participants are selected carefully, after personal interview; clearly exhibiting focus in their life and with a strong desire to grow and leave their signature imprint

Limited, select nomination workshop event; carefully chosen 15 handpicked participants per session

Target Segment: CEO, Opinion creator/maker, Media professionals, Influencer, Digital Marketers,  Transition Entrepreneurs, Trainers, Experiential Learning Activity Workshop Facilitator, Family owned business person, e-Commerce online sellers, Anyone who is serious about leveraging social media

Performance Promise Guarantee else Money Back: Refund if desired and expected results are not generated within 22 days of practicing and implementing the learning’s after realistic planning of strategy at workplace

Workshop Duration:  1 Day

Time: 9.30 AM-5.30 PM 

Rs 13,999/- + GST (Rupees Thirteen Thousand Nine Hundred Ninty Nine + 18% GST 

Offer: Complimentary upgrade for Level-1 support without any charges. There would be up-to Level-4 post training support

Date & Location
(Sunday)  8th December, Chandigarh
(Sunday) 15th December, Delhi/ NCR
(Sunday) 22nd December, Delhi/ NCR
(Sunday) 29th December, Jallandhar/Amritsar

Venue: Premium Venue-Hotel/Resort

Linked in Credentials of Facilitators: 

1)   Ajay Aggarwal
Prabhjot Singh Sood 

 Key Take Away from "CART", a Signature Workshop

This workshop will help in superior engagement with your audience, help you earn respect from their heart and establish your niche as expert of your domain. We will use ILF-Instructor Led Facilitation learning technique, combined with success stories & credentials of our earlier trained participants to derive following;

BASIC Essentials

1)    Why you are a brand?
2)    Why carve your niche & establish yourself?
3)    How to brand and market yourself, being original is important
4)    How to price your services/product & workshop
5)    Design acronym, conceptualisation to publishing of offerings/workshop
6)    Get higher price realization of your time
7)    What is event/workshop management: Venue, Logistics, Invitation, Travel, Gift, Gratification, and Client Meeting?
8)    How to decide your brand name, LOGO, Tag Line. Offerings, Brochure
9)    Register your company, Apply for (TM), Website/Blog, Social media linking
10)   Bank current account Registration
11)   Entrepreneur statutory obligations; Account books maintenance, GST
12)   Create & Generate Invoice to customer for services
13)  Create links for Payment Acceptance/Gateway for Credit card, NEFT, Bank Transfer


14)    Growth Hack Secrets of audience engagement & marketing on social media platform
       a)   You tube videos, Create your first video and editing tools
       b)   Linked In, create your profile, network & postings

       c)   Create surveys on Google forms & collate data
       d)   Face book, Twitter, Blog, Instagram, Google Business, Stationery, Signature
       e)   Scale up your business, You grow only when you help others grow
       f)   Your business Funnel approach, what is this. How to develop and maintain this
15)    Secrets of convincing, payment acceptance
16)    Principles of engagement
17)    Author your Blog, create articles, Publish them on various forum
18)    How to Leverage the most relevant tool Linked In
19)    Post training/evening socialization with participants at residential workshop
20)    Participants are your brand ambassador
21)    How to gracefully refuse, invitation or request
22)    How to address and appeal opposite gender to earn respect
23)    Care for participants with special need & differently able ones


24)    Frequency of updates
25)    Timing of updates
26)    Automation tools for posting & updates
27)    Image editing & optimisation tools

 SOME More SECRETS....Time Tested Proven Growth HACKS

28)    Going international, Pitfalls, misunderstanding
29)    How to use color, themes, images, feedback from others Perception Management
30)    Responding to comments
31)    Negative feedback removal
32)    Create content, embed videos, links...KISS keep it simple, relevant & effective
33)    Use subconscious mind to manifest what you want

34)    More hacks & success stories of earlier trained participants
35)    Other social media, digital platforms & inventing, creating future

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