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Happy Morning Friends, Today I would like to share; why and how I created my second signature workshop “IRIS”; My name is Prabhjot Singh Sood, Relationship Counselor and Co-Founder of Eagles Learning from India.

Acronym IRIS is inspired by the Greek Goddess IRIS; she personifies “the rainbow”; the divine messenger and link between heaven and earth. She fulfills humans' prayers, either by herself or by bringing them to the attention of other deities. IRIS is also a French national flowerthe three upright petals of IRIS symbolize faith, valor, and wisdom.

During my corporate career, teams where Men-Women worked together, it was natural they used to develop a liking for each other and fall in love. Top four challenges faced by them were;

A)    Compelled to be part of rate race by spending excessive time at the office and overspend to impress others 
B)    Conveying their feelings of admiration to the opposite gender and get desired empathetic response. Feel insecure to give commitments. Often regretting what they should not have spoken and done in haste.
C)    Celebrate and experience the joy of togetherness, bliss of parenting and shouldering responsibilities. Comparing their spouse and kids with others. Instead of being flexible and respecting other’s view-point; get irritable and quarrel for petty things. 
D)    Lacking perseverance, creativity, and a sense of humour to navigate situations. Going to the extreme and seek separation due to newly invented and discovered incompatibility issues.

Dear friends, since I was well aware of gender differences and its value at the corporate workplace; sensitising people to give due importance and priority to the same at home and thereafter natural extrapolation at the workplace became my mission. I decided to counsel people, to live life nature's way, appreciate these differences as a source of strength and seek happiness.

More friends and couples actively started to seek my help for solutions to their relationship challenges. All of them longed for a deep desire to reclaim the forgotten happiness and rekindle passion-romance in their marital life. Encouraged by positive results of helping countless people with practical and easy to implement tips, I created the signature workshop “IRIS” and authored the book "Intimate Secrets Revealed" (true short stories to earn respect, appreciation and attract love-happiness)

God has created Woman and Man differently to complement each other. Their brain wiring thought process, interpretation, assimilation, and application of information is unique; therefore their happiness engagement buttons and emotional needs are different. When they collaborate, creativity happens. If people can understand & appreciate the gender-based thought process of their spouse, team members & prospects; their happiness and productivity will increase manifold.

Key takeaways for participants during the workshop would be;

A)   Celebrate, differences being nature’s gift and God created source of strength. Take bonding to the next level by leveraging strengths to cherish life.
B)   Use creativity, humor-n-fun to nurture relations and overcome the fear of managing risk and uncertainties of life. 
C)   Demonstrate ways to implement learning at home, at the workplace and better communication to avoid misunderstandings with the opposite gender.

Thanks for enjoying the video, of my second signature workshop IRIS. Do remember to share your thoughts in the comment section and click on like and subscribe icon.
God bless us all with an abundance of prosperity, good health, and happiness in relations

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