IRIS©: Intimate Secrets Revealed©

IRIS: Intimate Secrets Revealed ©
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Global Most-in-Demand Relationship Guide & Workshop
by Prabhjot Singh Sood
IRIS: Intimate Secrets Revealed- Part 1
“Ancient Commonsense Relationship Secrets, which is not so common these days”

40 curated, untold finest true short stories, learning there-off and a definitive guide on a practical approach to relations for;
1)    Creating desired vibes

2)    Navigating the complexities: Earn respect and appreciation

4)    Rekindle excitement-
passion-love-romance in your married life 

5)    Attract happiness-abundance-prosperity-contentment at the home and in the workplace

Important: This guide-book will empower us when we self-accept; ourselves, our responsibilities and agree with Nature’s principle; “Fact and Uncommon Common Sense”

God has created Woman and Man differently to complement each other. Our brain connections thought process, interpretation, assimilation, and application of information is unique; therefore our happiness engagement buttons and emotional needs are different. When we collaborate, creativity happens. If we can understand & appreciate the diversity and gender-based thought process of the spouse, family, team members, prospects and all others; our happiness and productivity will increase many-fold.

All about: How and why this book, came into existence?

During my corporate career spanning over three decades, teams where Men-Women worked together, it was natural they develop an affinity for each other and often fall in love. Sometimes they felt another way about a person/situation and expected emotional distancing. 

Top ten challenges faced by them were;

1)    Misunderstandings, blind spots leading to incorrect interpretations and manage mood swings.

2)    Use creativity & humor to navigate situations. Respect and accommodate other’s view-point. 

3)    Celebrate and experience the joy of togetherness with family at home and team at the workplace.

4)    Convey feelings of admiration to the opposite gender and get an empathetic response. 

5)    Maintain focus, patience and inner strength to embrace failures, learn and move ahead.

6)    Obsession for perfection. Expect everything to be achieved yesterday from self and others.

7)    Pretend, project pseudo-identity and unreal image. Live on credit card EMI to impress others. 

8)    Feel secure & self-confident to give commitments and manage uncertainties with ease.

9)    Going to the extreme and regretting what they should not have spoken and done due to newly discovered incompatibility issues. Liking-Separation-Liking See-Saw at home and office.

10)    Compelled to be part of herd mentality, blind race to please seniors/others, inability to say no, maintain emotional distancing and move away gracefully from a situation/relation.

Dear friends, since I am an experiential activity workshop facilitator; using fun and discovery-based learning techniques to encourage participants to think and reflect about their behavior, interpretation, and consequences of the same comes naturally to me. Emphasizing appreciating, leveraging differences as a source of strength for gender and diversity inclusion to engage and bond better was always an eye-opener, an aha moment and dawn of new realizations for all. 

Sensitising people to give due priority to the same at the home and the workplace became my mission, I enjoy feeling the unspoken, counseling with easy to implement ancient secret tips and help in creating rituals/habits for the desired transformation….. Because life is created to be cherished!!

As word of mouth spread, slowly but steadily, senior women-men in the leadership team, our clients, friends and couples actively started to seek my help for solutions to their relationship challenges. All of them longed for a deep desire to reclaim the forgotten happiness, earn respect, create desired vibes at home and rekindle the passion love romance in their marital life. Encouraged by the positive results of helping countless people with practical and easy to implement ancient secret tips, we created our first signature workshop “IRIS” and authored the book "Intimate Secrets Revealed".

The acronym IRIS is inspired by the Greek Goddess IRIS; she personifies “the rainbow”; the divine messenger and the link between heaven and earth. She fulfills humans' prayers, either by herself or by bringing them to the attention of other deities. IRIS is also a French national flower; the three upright petals of IRIS symbolize faith, valor, and wisdom. 

The year 2012, I became a full-time entrepreneur and decided to devote wholehearted efforts to the success of our company, “Eagles Learning”. Our unique creation & first signature workshop on relations; “IRIS” has been perfected and curated post three decades of counseling sessions, observing and analyzing at seminars and collating information from relevant books and periodicals.

Key 8 takeaways for participants during the counseling session/workshop would be; 

1) Appreciate, differences and diversity are nature’s gift and God created source of strength.

2) Discover-Develop-Nurture; creativity, humor in yourself to nurture relations.

3) Become aware of blind spots and communication empathetically to avoid misunderstandings.

4) Renewed self-confidence to manage challenges, risk and uncertainties.

5) Rekindle excitement-passion-love-romance in married/personal life.

6) Attract abundance-happiness-prosperity-contentment in all aspects.

7) Create desired vibes through rituals/tools at home and in the workplace.

8) Develop an action plan and demonstrate ways to implement learning at home and in the workplace.

The first book in this series captures regular happenings in our society, the challenges faced by the majority of us at our home, workplace, student life, public dealing, and marital life. Every story begins with a concept and concludes with learning to be contemplated upon. Stories have Indian context as the background setting, however, the learning has universal appeal; because laws of the universe are the same everywhere. The author would be delighted to present these learning as “Ancient Commonsense Relationship secrets, which is not so common these days".



Gratitude and thanks to all, for your love affection trust and confidence in my abilities. Thanks for sharing your intimate problems, concerns, deep desires and expectations. My role has been more of a facilitator, rather a counselor; you healed yourself and got what you wanted in relation because you exhibited great flexibility by understanding and appreciating other’s view-point. Your creative thoughts, fun-loving nature, sense of humor, being flexible, desire to experiment with new ideas, loving respecting yourself, mother nature, implementing what works and ignoring what doesn’t have been the key to everlasting happiness. The world seemed changed for you, the day you took the decision to change yourself because everything begins from you.

Thanks for allowing me to share the true story of a turnaround in your relations, your journey from point of almost giving up, despair, helplessness to hopefulness, happiness, enjoying what you have and getting more of what you desire. All names have been changed to protect your privacy. Your feedback and constructive criticism always encouraged us to think beyond and made me happy. Cherish life; it is wonderful.

O, God! I am grateful to you for everything. Thanks for giving me gifts of; parents, spouse, daughter and bestowing special abilities to help myself and others to understand and appreciate differences as the source of strength. Thanks for creating my life so beautiful, for always walking by my side for nurturing me to face adversities and guiding me to sail through challenging patches and uncertainties of life with confidence, skills, and belief in myself that higher power is there to always help everyone.

This book is dedicated to my sweet daughter and all the babies; they are sunshine, lovely butterflies, and an angel of peace and happiness for this world. She has been a major encouraging force, which transformed me to become a better and more sensitive person. She taught me the true meaning of love and of course deep gratitude to my spouse as well, who always believed in higher powers and exhibited immense perseverance with my hectic travel schedule during the initial years of my career. She has always stood by me like a pillar of strength and gave me immense support during the turbulent days of my career as well.

Thanks to numerous authors, researchers, volunteers and all the participants of my training workshops for your inputs and most important, Happyness Coach Murali Sundaram from Chennai, ( for suggesting the title and Mentor Dr. Vineet Gera from Hyderabad, ( who encouraged me and guided me step-by-step to create this book.

This book has four broad sections

A) Relationship secrets at Home, because everything is seeded and nurtured at home.

B) Relationship secrets at Workplace, because what we learn at home is extrapolated.

C) Scientific research and evidence about God’s gift, the strength of gender brain differences.

D) Gratitude, relationship quotes, and acknowledgments


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C) Self-reading, first few (approximately 13 pages) of book, IRIS.


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