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Prabhjot Singh Sood

Relationship Coach  from India

Prabhjot is people's person, a team player, having over two decades of corporate training, coaching and workshop facilitation experience. He is a passionate diversity inclusion evangelist as well.

He started his corporate career as a sales professional in 1996, with leading Japanese luxury automobile brand. After consistent best performance achievement awards, leading best sales team; in 2005, he decided to enrich his role by empowering individuals & companies to perform better. He joined Asia’s largest training and performance enhancement solutions Company.

Encouraged and delighted with often quoted, an exemplary performance of trained participants, he became an entrepreneur in Jan 2006. He is blessed to marry Simardeep Kaur Sood; leading fashion designer of Indian and Indo-Western wedding dresses.

More than Million participants have benefited by attending his Signature workshops; “CREST©” and “IRIS©” over two decades; they enrich & empower themselves to;

A) Appreciate, diversity is natural, God created differences and a source of strength.
B) Nurture relations to embrace failures and overcome the fear of managing risk/uncertainties of life.
C) Learn use of humor-n-fun, to communicate with the opposite gender & respond appropriately to avoid misunderstandings.
D) Demonstrate ways to implement learning at home, at workplace and cherish the life blissfully.

Author: Intimate Secrets Revealed

Untold true stories and a definitive guide on a practical approach to navigating complexities of relations: earn respect, appreciation, and attract love-happiness at home from family, colleagues in the workplace and from the opposite gender/spouse.

Let us live life nature's way. God has created Woman and Man differently to complement each other. Their brain wiring thought process, interpretation, assimilation and application of information is unique. Their happiness engagement buttons and emotional needs are different. When they collaborate, creativity happens.

Author: Intimate Secrets Revealed

Family Photos: Happy Relations and Bond of love, Early years, family celebrations and almighty WaheGuruJi's blessing moving to designer home
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