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Why I became trainer? My First true story

Why I Became Trainer_My True Story 1_English_Prabhjot Singh Sood

Glad to share my first true story, a thought that encouraged me to shift my career from sales to training. My name is Prabhjot Singh Sood; Co-Founder Eagle Learning and a young couple relationship coach from Chandigarh, India. I enjoy helping couples to rekindle harmony and romance in their married life.

My corporate journey started in the year 1996 as a budding salesperson with a leading Japanese luxury automobile brand. We were a team, comprising ten members. During the initial two months, there wasn't much pressure on us to do sales; however, the management expected us to;

1)           Attend all training sessions and score above 80%

2)           Meet and spend quality time with as many customers as we possibly could

We were dedicated and disciplined. Reaching the office early we started our day on a positive note by discussing the previous day’s accomplishments and planning for our day before leaving for field activities. At the end of the second month, a few of my colleagues got anxious, and revealed that their learning time and probation term could be extended. This was interpreted by them as they will not be confirmed.

We brainstormed and decided that we will go to the field as a team. We will learn practical aspects of how to approach and qualify a prospect, follow up on the sales process and create luxury car owners. Besides, I will accompany and help in order closure. This one-month activity was amazing; full of fun, collaborative teamwork and great learning for all of us.

Something special happened during the fourth month; all of us were confirmed. The Management developed more confidence in our capabilities and encouraged me to lead and deliver a motivational talk of best practices at weekly review meetings.

Dear friends, my belief system is:

1) People are honest and good, they come to the workplace to perform and feel happy.

2) People engage better when they are motivated with a positive attitude, knowledge, and adequate skill sets.

3) People want to improve performance and continue with the same job for a reasonable time. They are emotionally attached to the workplace; expect fair dealing, want respect, care for and need appreciation for their contribution.

An interesting thought triggered within:

To encourage, seek performance and retain people, they have to be empowered through training and coaching. Finally, God fulfilled my desire. My new journey and a career shift happened in the year 2005 when I joined Asia’s finest and largest; training and performance enhancement Solutions Company.

Thanks for watching the video, my true story of becoming a trainer

Kind Regards Warmly

Prabhjot Singh Sood 🙏

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