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Why I became Performance Coach My True Story 3 English

Why I became Performance Coach My True Story 3 English Prabhjot Singh Sood

Happy Morning Friends, Warm greetings for the day

Glad to share my third true story, an interesting solution to an observation of commonly found challenging situations at the workplace. My name is Prabhjot Singh Sood; Co-Founder Eagle Learning and a young couple relationship coach from Chandigarh, India. I enjoy helping couples to rekindle harmony and romance in their married life.

During weekly performance review meetings; few people were slow to understand changes in the system due to frequent upgrades. Senior managers, instead of handholding, used to indulge in blame throwing and humiliate them. They thought shaming people, will force them to improve their performance and those who do not improve would automatically exit. Morale was impacted adversely and the retention of the trained workforce became an issue.

With noble intentions and a genuine desire to retain people, I thought; let's go beyond instructor-led classroom training. Let’s help them implement the learning via on-the-job coaching; at the showroom, and in the field as well. This Idea was well appreciated and accepted by everyone. Management nominated me for intensive, fifteen days booting to become a performance coach. 

Coaching doesn’t come easy at all; in-depth knowledge about the entire process and operations is a must. The coach ought to be like a walking encyclopedia; only then will a person’s credibility be established. Stakeholders always expect prompt solutions to most of the issues faced by their workforce.

Dear friends,

 The top six benefits of coaching are:-

1) Coaching is a well-defined process and an important retention tool for those who are willing to accept     

responsibility, take action and ownership for their self-development.

2)     Coaching is about, a better understanding of one’s role and expected performance standards

3)     A coachee discovers their blind spots and sets a clear path to work upon their areas of improvement. 

4)     Coaching celebrates strengths and there is a noticeable high in everyone’s self-esteem, happiness.

5)     Leaders who take a genuine interest in the coaching process; engage better, allow nurturing of potential to build a healthy talent pipeline.      

6)     Teams experience marked improvements in; retention, consistency of performance, creativity, risk- taking ability, work-life balance, and team bonding.

Team Eagle Learning expertise lies in doing performance and behavioural coaching for automobile & retail. Our signature coaching program CREST-Customer retention engagement and selling techniques ensure, meaningful engagement, increased time spend and conversion rate by prospective shoppers.

Thanks for watching the video, importance and benefits of coaching. Do remember to share your thoughts in the comments section and click on the like and subscribe icon. God bless us all with an abundance of prosperity, good health, and happiness in relationships.


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